Clean kitchen,
clean planet

Mill grinds, shrinks and de-stinks your kitchen scraps overnight, 
then gets them back to farms as food.

Meet the Mill
kitchen bin

It shrinks and de-stinks kitchen scraps overnight. No weird smells. No drippy bags. No wasted food. The best part? It’s included in your membership.

  • Dries and grinds whatever you don’t eat
  • Runs automatically while you sleep
  • Takes weeks to fill up – not days
  • Locks during cycles, to keep kids and pets safe

A new kind of membership

The Mill Membership includes everything you need to keep food out of landfills. Yes, even the bin. For $33/month, you’ll get:

Food-shrinking, de-stinking
Mill kitchen bin
Seamless mail-back pathway to farms via USPS
Personalized impact tracking

Something to talk about

“No smell at all! Can handle a large amount of food scraps and processes it very quickly.”
– Scott S.
“Mill is the perfect blend of sustainability and aesthetics. This is the family member we didn’t know we were missing.”
– Ashley K.
“Mill reassures us that something positive is being done with the food we didn’t eat. Thank you!”
– Kate S.
Mill kitchen bin

Reserve now with a risk-free $33 deposit.

Yor membership includes the Mill kitchen bin, Food Grounds pickup and the works. Shipping now.

Can I purchase a Mill kitchen bin without a membership?
The Mill kitchen bin cannot be purchased separately. It’s part of the Mill Membership, which also comes with impact tracking and app, charcoal odor filter replacements, member support, and, if you’d like to use it, pre-paid shipping to send back Food Grounds.
How is the bin different from home composting devices?
It’s different from composting all together. Composting breaks down food and takes weeks or months. The Mill kitchen bin conserves all the potential of your kitchen scraps turning them into Food Ground, so we can keep them in the food system. Food grounds are still food, minus the water, bulk, odor and ick.
How does the Mill kitchen bin filter out odor?
The Mill kitchen bin comes with a filter packed with 5 lbs of coconut-based charcoal. It’ll last 6 months for most households and we’ll automatically send you a replacement, for free, when it’s time for a new one.

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