It all adds up

Food waste has a massive impact on the climate

If food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter, behind China and the United States. According to Project Drawdown

, reducing food waste is one of our largest opportunities to reduce emissions.

Top greenhouse-gas-emitting countries vs. emissions from global food wastage

According to IPCC, global food loss and waste 
accounts for 8-10% of global emissions.

Note: Country figures include their own food loss and waste.

Sources: WRI (2020) and IPCC (2019)

Your banana
peels matter

Uneaten food is the most common material in landfills

and most of it comes from our homes . When that food rots, it produces methane, a gas that’s 80x more potent than CO₂ .

A better way

Based on our preliminary study, you can avoid about a half-ton of greenhouse gas emissions per year with a Mill Membership. Instead of filling the air with methane, your kitchen scraps can go back into the food system, as we work to turn them into food for chickens.

This chart shows how the numbers add up. These numbers will change a bit as we get more data. The basic math won’t.

Estimated annual Mill Membership emissions generated and avoided

The problems we need to solve go beyond climate

Wasting food wastes everything: land, water, fertilizer, energy, and effort. Wasted food makes our homes stink. It attracts rats and litters our neighborhoods.

What if nothing was wasted? Collective change is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Our goal is to create a new system that’s truly circular.

We consider sustainability in every decision we make — from sourcing product materials to community outreach.

We’re building a framework that covers:

  • 1 What we do to stop waste
  • 2 How we prevent emissions
  • 3 How we help people

Our plans and progress are open to everyone. We'll be sharing more of both later this year.

We founded this company to help people prevent waste from their homes—but we’re just starting out. We hope you’ll help us get there by signing up for a Mill Membership, partnering with us, or just sharing your thoughts.

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