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Powerful dry & grind system

The dual grinding system effortlessly handles everything from small bones to avocado pits. The aluminum bucket conducts heat for an ultra-fast dry time.

Food volume is reduced by 80% and with a generous 6.5L capacity, it can process around 40lbs of wet food. Which means you won’t have to empty it for weeks.

Intelligent cycles

The only food recycler that adapts to your needs. Smart run times are designed to be energy efficient based on how much food you put in.

Mill uses integrated sensors and custom algorithms to determine the quickest runtime needed to transform your food scraps into dry grounds. This allows you to add food anytime, even mid-cycle.

State-of-the-art odor filtration

Our activated charcoal filters utilize 2 million square meters of surface area to absorb any and all odors. Even better, they’re made from upcycled coconut shells, typically considered a waste item.

Each refill lasts for up to a year, depending on use. So your kitchen never smells.

Mill kitchen bin in a kitchen
Leftovers are thrown into the Mill kitchen bin
Mill kitchen bin front view
Mill kitchen bin food grounds
Leftovers are thrown into the Mill kitchen bin

Do more with the app

Do more with the Mill app

Personalize your experience

Schedule, start, and stop cycles to fit your needs with just a tap. Plus, you can easily turn the lid lock on to keep tiny hands and paws out.

Track your impact

See how many pounds of food you’ve saved from the landfill. Opt for Mill Pickups and receive personal Impact Reports showing potential CO2e avoided and the number of chickens fed.

Food grounds

It's still food. Really.

Science of Food Grounds

Mill is designed to halt microbial decomposition and stop your food scraps from rotting, while conserving nutrients. As a result, your Food Grounds can be made into food for chickens or turned into compost.


We collaborated with leading research institutions to get the processing time and temperature just right. This creates conditions that can destroy pathogens while keeping all the good stuff intact.


After thorough testing we’ve fine-tuned each cycle to reach an optimal moisture content, ensuring that your Food Grounds can be stored for months. This enables Mill to safely transform your food scraps, even meat and dairy into shelf-stable grounds.

Mill tech specs (2nd gen)

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Mill can transform 1lb of food scraps (the daily household average) into dry, shelf-stable grounds in 2.5 hours.

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At a soft hum of 42 decibels, Mill is similar in sound level to the quietest air purifier.

Mill kitchen bin front view
Mill kitchen bin side view
Mill kitchen bin front view
Mill kitchen bin side view


View in your home

Just scan the QR code or open this page on your phone.

Height (lid open):

37.5 in


27.2 in


16.6 in


13.8 in


Total: 58 lbs

Bucket (empty): 12.1 lbs



6.5l / 1.7 gal


Powder-coated steel enclosure

Double pedal with soft sole for stability and floor protection

Die-cast aluminum bucket with ceramic coating

Stainless steel augers

Maple wood style lid veneer

Air vents that double as ergonomic handles

Responsive LED interface

Coconut charcoal filter


8.2 ft (2.5 m) with 3-prong adapter


802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi

Mobile App

Minimum OS

iOS 14 or later

Android 10 or later


Voltage: 120 VAC/60Hz

Peak current: 4.5 A

Average power usage: 1 kWh per day

In the box



Integrated power cable

Integrated power cable



Charcoal filter

Charcoal filter

Food Library magnet

Food Library magnet



Let’s compare

Discover what makes Mill different.

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Empty daily

Run and empty every day food is added

Empty monthly

Add anytime, empty after dozens of cycles

Manual start

Runs when you remember to push the button

Intelligent cycles

Runs automatically
based on what you put in

Up to 60 dB

Similar to an electric toothbrush

~42 dB

The soft hum of a quiet library

3 month odor filter

Up to $240/year for filter replacements

12 month odor filter

$60 filter replacements

Twist-off lid

Multiple manual
steps to access


Easy, hands-free access with pedal

Home use

Additional work needed to turn it into compost

Home use or Mill pickups

Same deal with home use, or opt into Mill pickups to feed farms

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Starting at $29.99/mo

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