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January 17, 2023

Announcing Mill: A new way to outsmart waste.

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Real climate action, right from your kitchen. And no more stinky trash.

Meet Mill. We’ve built an entirely new system to prevent waste, starting with food. Our approach takes the food you can’t eat at home, conserves the nutrients, and sends it back to farms where it can feed chickens. From the team that founded Nest, this is a practical and impactful way to take steps at home that are good for your kitchen and our planet.

Nobody likes waste. At home, it’s icky, smelly, and requires constant trips to take out the trash. And throwing away food is much worse than you think. When food rots in landfills, we waste the nutrients and resources that went into creating it, and even worse – it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 80 times more potent than CO2. Our kitchens are the single largest source of food in landfills. There has to be a better way.

Outsmart waste with Mill

The Mill Membership is a practical way to outsmart waste at home. Every member receives a Mill kitchen bin that dries, shrinks and de-stinks your kitchen scraps overnight, turning them into nutrient-rich Food Grounds. Once your bin is full – which takes a few weeks – schedule a pickup for your Food Grounds in the Mill app and send them back to us. From there, we do the rest: working to turn your Food Grounds into a chicken feed ingredient so food stays food and becomes delicious all over again.

Matt Rogers, Founder & CEO, Mill, explains: “Mill makes it easy to do the right thing. Food isn’t trash. But until today, it was hard to do anything except throw uneaten food in the garbage. The Mill Membership is a simple way to keep food out of landfills, send it back to farms, and make your kitchen smell awesome. From my time at Nest, we know that a small step at home can have a positive impact for people and the planet. Resources are increasingly scarce—wasting food at home is a solvable problem that we can tackle together. This is just the beginning for Mill. Sign up today at and make an impact right from your kitchen.”

“Food isn’t trash.”
Matt Rogers, Founder & CEO, Mill

How it works

  • Sign up: Head to to reserve your Mill Membership, which includes your kitchen bin.

  • Activate your membership: Plug in the bin, download the Mill app, and connect your bin to Wi-Fi.

  • Food in: Put your kitchen scraps in the bin and they turn into Food Grounds overnight. No more icky food smells in your kitchen or your trash. You can add uneaten food anytime.

  • Nutrients saved: The bin shrinks and de-stinks your kitchen scraps into Food Grounds, which are nutrient-rich, dry, and can be stored in the bin until it’s full.

  • Send it: When your bin is full, empty your Food Grounds into the prepaid box and schedule a pick up in the Mill app. The U.S. Postal Service will bring your Food Grounds back to us.

  • Still food: We’re working through the necessary scientific and regulatory processes to turn your Food Grounds into a safe and nutritious chicken feed ingredient. It’s different from composting and keeps food as food.

  • Make an impact: Track the positive impact you’re having, including the amount of food you’ve diverted from landfill and more. We estimate that Mill members can avoid about a half-ton of greenhouse gas emissions per household per year. This estimate includes the manufacturing of the bin, energy usage, and the transportation of Food Grounds back to us. To learn more, go to

“Waste doesn’t exist in nature, yet we create it everywhere and have been trained to ignore it, or worse, believe it’s inevitable,” says Harry Tannenbaum, Founder & President, Mill. “Food in landfills is one of the most solvable climate problems facing us today. At Mill, we’re building a pathway to connect what people can’t eat at home with farms that benefit from a more sustainable feed ingredient. Our approach is a practical and easy way to stop wasting food at home, prevent rotting garbage on the curb, and reduce methane emissions. Together with our members and the communities and policymakers we work with, we can make progress towards a better planet.”

“Food in landfills is one of the most solvable climate problems facing us today.”
Harry Tannenbaum, Founder & President, Mill

Mill was founded in 2020 by Matt Rogers and Harry Tannenbaum, who worked together at Nest, building the iconic Nest Learning Thermostat and other smart home products. The lessons they learned about encouraging new habits at home that are good for people and the planet are incredibly relevant to changing our perception of waste, starting in the kitchen.

Join Mill

Head to and sign up to reserve your Mill Membership with a refundable deposit to secure your place. Your membership, starting at $33/month, activates as soon as you receive your bin and includes everything you need to make food waste (and fruit flies) a thing of the past.

About Mill Industries Inc. ("Mill")

Trash stinks. Together, we can do better. Mill has created a new system to help you outsmart waste at home.

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