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February 29, 2024

Introducing The Next Generation of Mill

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SAN BRUNO, Calif., Feb. 29, 2024 — The next generation of Mill is here, and it promises to help you waste less while you sleep. In less than a year, Mill (the food waste-recycling system that turns household food scraps into dry grounds to feed farms or gardens) has helped people keep over one million pounds of food out of the landfill. The next generation of Mill is faster, smarter, and quieter than ever—and poised to take an even bigger swing at the 43 million tons of food Americans throw away each year.

The next generation of Mill is here

"The first generation of Mill is the best product I've worked on in my career. The next generation is even better. In less than a year, we've already helped people save one million pounds of food by turning kitchen scraps into food for farms and gardens. Mill fulfills the promise of what technology and innovation can and should do for society, making people's lives easier while also making an impact on the planet," said Matt Rogers, Cofounder and CEO at Mill.

Easy to use, convenient, and super fast

The next generation of Mill can process a pound of wet food scraps in 2.5 hours (faster than most dishwasher cycles). The vertical stainless steel augers quietly and efficiently dry and grind food scraps overnight into clean, dry grounds. The bin can process 40 pounds of wet food scraps before it needs to be emptied, which means you don't need to think about it for weeks and weeks. With an innovative odor system, including 2 million square meters of coconut charcoal and a whisper-quiet hum of 41 decibels, you'll smell and hear nothing.

Sleek design houses the magic inside

Built by former Apple and Nest engineers, Mill's sleek, minimalist aesthetic is designed to blend into the background of any kitchen. Featuring a powder-coated steel enclosure and ergonomic handles that double as air vents, the pill-shaped design is both elevated and easy to use. The bespoke die-cast aluminum bucket with ceramic coating enables faster and more efficient drying times.

Advanced artificial intelligence techniques for the planet

The only food-recycling system that uses modern artificial intelligence techniques to get smarter and more efficient over time, Mill's set-it-and-forget-it approach blends into the background of everyday life while having real impact on your kitchen and the planet. Smart run times are designed to be energy efficient based on how much food you put in, while the connected system receives regular over-the-air software updates (just like your phone!) to improve and get better over time. Mill uses integrated sensors and advanced artificial intelligence methods to determine the quickest runtime needed to transform food scraps into dry grounds, which means you can add food anytime, even mid-cycle.

Real impact while you sleep

Mill's connected system is equipped with scales, sensors, and access to pathways that make it easy for people to turn leftovers into food for farms or gardens. Mill can accurately measure how much food is being processed across the fleet of connected kitchen bins, instead of relying on assumptions or self-reported surveys. Understanding individual impact helps encourage and reinforce behavior change, and is a core component of Mill's vision for systems impact. Mill customers will be able to see how many pounds of food they've saved from the landfill with Mill's connected app, and receive personalized impact reports with Mill pickups.

"One million pounds diverted from the landfill is a significant milestone not only for Mill, but for the waste industry overall, primarily because that number is real. With sensors and scales inside Mill and access to pathways that get food scraps back to farms, Mill isn't relying on guesswork or assumptions to figure out how much food they've kept out of the landfill. They can accurately measure food waste at the household level, which is a challenge that has plagued public officials for decades. This kind of innovation and systems change is going to be key to ensuring the success of California's landmark food waste law, SB 1383, and it's exciting to see California companies rise to this challenge," said Nick Lapis, Director of Advocacy at Californians Against Waste.

The next generation of Mill is available for purchase ($999) or rental (beginning at $29.99/month) starting today. Financing options starting at $20/month will be available in April.

About Mill Industries Inc. ("Mill")

Mill makes it easy to prevent food waste at home with an innovative new food recycling system and pathways that keep food out of landfills. Food isn't trash. Together, we can do better.

Mill was founded in 2020 by Matt Rogers and Harry Tannenbaum, who worked together at Nest, building the iconic Nest Learning Thermostat and other smart home products. The lessons they learned about encouraging new habits at home that are good for people and the planet were applied in creating Mill to change our perception of waste, starting in the kitchen.

Mill is a trademark of Mill Industries Inc.

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