No mess. No waste.

Big win.

From forgotten berries to rejected crusts, kids create a lot of food waste. Mill is the effortless, odorless way to keep it out of the landfill — and get the whole family involved.

Kids are picky. Mill isn’t.

Mill grinds and dries all your food scraps — even things you can’t put in the compost like bones and meat. Since it shrinks everything down by 80%, Mill takes weeks to fill.

The sweet smell of nothing

Thanks to state-of-the-art odor filtration, Mill is completely odorless. Your garbage will be less icky without food in it, too. Now if we could only help with the diaper bin…

An early lesson in food waste

Mill is an incredibly easy way to make significant impact as a family. Kids love being part of the process and getting to see how much food they’ve kept out of the landfill each month.

Parents love Mill

Busy families don’t have time for extra work around mealtimes. Clean, odorless, and effortless, Mill is as easy to use as it is to love.

“With 4 kids in school, and making them lunch every day, food waste is inevitable. Something we’ve committed to as a family is eliminating food waste in our home. Mill made that possible for us.”

— Bethanie, @thegarciadiaries

“I want to teach our son from a young age that our decisions can impact our environment. Food waste has a massive impact on our climate.”

— Taylr Anne, @taylranne

“Clean-up is so much easier now that we have a Mill bin. Instead of having my partner take a full trash bag of scraps out after I meal prep, I put them all in my bin.”

— Logan, @loganlovenicole

Mill in the wild

Now shipping across the continental U.S.

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