So long,
stinky kitchen

Saving the planet never smelled so good.

Meet the Mill kitchen bin

Pretty awesome

The only thing worse than a stinky trash can is an ugly trash can. This bin is neither. It’s a nutrient-conserving, waste-preventing home for food you can’t eat.

Bottomless pit

Add kitchen scraps to your bin all day, every day. The bucket can collect dry, compact Food Grounds for weeks without having to be emptied.

Overnight success

Your bin automatically dries and grinds kitchen scraps while you sleep — zero effort required.

Safety first

A locking lid keeps fingers and paws out while the shrinking and de-stinking happens. It’s ok to add stuff during a cycle. Just pause to unlock and toss it in.

Not-so-picky eater

Unlike compost, this kitchen bin can handle whatever you can’t eat — even meat and dairy products.

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