Last Updated: March 7, 2024

30-Day Trial Promotional Offer Terms

These terms (“Promotional Offer Terms”) apply to your participation in the Mill 30-Day Trial promotional offer that you may redeem or have redeemed to access a 30-day trial (“Promotional Period”) of the Mill services without paying a fee (“Promotional Offer”). This 30-day trial will begin on the date that you receive a Mill bin.


  1. Mill Terms. These Promotional Offer Terms supplement and incorporate by reference Mill’s Terms of Service (“Standard Terms”), and supplement any other terms and conditions you may have agreed to in connection with receiving the Mill services. All terms not otherwise defined in the Promotional Offer Terms shall have the meaning set forth in the Standard Terms. All information collected by Mill under the Promotional Offer will be processed and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For the Promotional Offer, in the event of any conflict between these Promotional Offer Terms and Standard Terms, these Promotional Offer Terms will control for that conflict. If you do not agree to these Promotional Offer Terms, do not participate in the Promotional Offer.
  2. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Promotional Offer, you must satisfy all of the following conditions. You must:
    1. Be eligible to purchase the Mill services pursuant to our Standard Terms, provided, however, that residents of Hawaii are not eligible to redeem the Promotional Offer;
    2. Have been directly offered a 30-day trial of the Mill services by Mill or its authorized agent prior to signing up, which includes while you are making your purchase;
    3. Not have previously redeemed this Promotional Offer or otherwise received a free trial of the Mill services; and
    4. Provide Mill with a valid and current payment method that is approved by Mill.
  3. Cancellation of Promotional Offer. Unless you cancel a Promotional Offer before the end of the Promotional Period, you will automatically be subscribed to the Mill subscription service you selected beginning at the end of your Promotional Period, and, on the cadence you agreed to at the time of checkout (such as every month or every year depending on the type of plan you selected), the payment method you provided will automatically be charged the price listed at the time of checkout. If you cancel your Mill service plan during the Promotional Period, you will lose access to the Mill services at the end of the Promotional Period, or as soon as you send your bin back, if earlier.

Before a Mill bin is shipped to you, you can stop participating in the Promotional Offer at any time through the account section of our website or by contacting our support team at and will not be charged.

Once a Mill bin has been shipped to you, cancellation of the Promotional Offer is only effective once the bin sent to you has been picked up by our shipping partner to be returned. You may begin the cancellation process in the account section of our website or by contacting our support team. If you begin the cancellation process, you will have 30 days from when you begin the cancellation process (the “Return Window”) to return any bin in your possession. As described above, your subscription will begin at the end of your Promotional Period, but if you have begun the cancellation process we will postpone charging any subscription fee due in the Return Window. If you return your bin in the Return Window, we will waive this subscription fee and your subscription will be immediately canceled. If, through no fault of ours or our shipping partners’, at the end of the Return Window your bin has not been returned, your subscription will remain active, you will immediately be charged the subscription fee payment postponed during the Return Window, and you will continue to be charged a subscription fee payment on the cadence and in the amount provided to you at checkout until your bin has been returned. If your bin is lost, stolen, or otherwise cannot be returned, you agree to contact our support team immediately and to pay a bin replacement fee if you want to cancel the Promotional Offer. If you fail to return your bin within the Return Window and complete the cancellation, you will not be eligible to receive an additional Return Window grace period.

  1. Termination and Changes. We reserve the right to modify any Promotional Offer or Promotional Offer Terms or to suspend or terminate providing all or part of any Promotional Offer at any time. We may provide you with notice in advance of the suspension or discontinuation of all or part of any Promotional Offer, such as by sending an email. Subject to the cancellation process described in Section 3, you also have the right to stop participating in any Promotional Offer at any time. We are not responsible for any loss or harm related to your inability to participate in any Promotional Offer.

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