Last Updated: August 23, 2023


Promotional Terms

These terms (“Promotional Terms”) apply to your participation in the Food Grounds Rewards (Credits) promotional offer (“Promotion”).


  1. Mill Terms. These Promotional Offer Terms supplement and incorporate by reference Mill’s Terms of Service (“Standard Terms”). All terms not otherwise defined in the Promotional Terms shall have the meaning set forth in the Standard Terms. All information collected by Mill under any Promotion will be processed and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For any Promotion, in the event of any conflict between these Promotional Terms and our Standard Terms, these Promotional Terms will control for that conflict. If you do not agree to these Promotional Terms, do not participate in the Promotion.
  2. Promotion Details. This Promotion provides certain subscribers the opportunity to receive Mill promotional Credits for sending high-quality Food GroundsTM to Mill.
  3. Earning Credits. You may earn Credits for sending Food Grounds to Mill if all of the following conditions are met:
    1. You received an offer from us inviting you to participate in the Promotion, and purchase a subscription to the Mill services through your account.
    2. You have a current Mill services subscription and are in compliance with the Standard Terms and these Promotional Terms;
    3. You reside in Alaska or the contiguous United States;
    4. You send a box of Food Grounds from your Mill kitchen bin, in accordance with our instructions and Standard Terms, to us at our designated location;
    5. You have not already received $60.00 or more in Credits through this Promotion in the 365 days immediately preceding when we receive your box of Food Grounds; and
    6. The box of Food Grounds you send us meets our quality standards, which determination shall be made by Mill in our sole discretion.
  4. Redeeming Offer. If all of the above conditions have been satisfied, you will be credited five dollars ($5) USD in Credits for each box of Food Grounds meeting the necessary quality standards, which will automatically be applied to the balance of your next Mill services payment. If you have already received sixty dollars ($60.00) or more in Credits through this Promotion in the 365 days immediately preceding when we receive a box of Food Grounds, you will not be eligible to receive Credits for that shipment.
  5. Criteria and Review Process. Whether or not any of your Food Grounds meet our quality standards is at our sole discretion, and will be based on, among other things, how full your Food Grounds box is and your compliance with the Food Library requirements listed in the Mill mobile app. We do not guarantee when any particular Food Grounds box will be reviewed or when a decision will be rendered as to whether or not we will award you Credits for a particular Food Grounds box. In certain cases, we may be unable to review your shipment and make a determination. Mill credits will only be awarded (if at all) after the applicable Food Grounds box has been reviewed. You agree that we can contact you using the contact information included in your Mill account or otherwise provided by you (whether by email, phone or SMS) if we have any questions about your Food Grounds box and/or your participation in this Promotion in general.
  6. Certain Restrictions. We reserve the right to modify any Promotion or Promotional Terms or to suspend or terminate providing all or part of any Promotion at any time. We may provide you with notice in advance of the suspension or discontinuation of all or part of any Promotion, such as by sending an email. You also have the right to stop participating in any Promotion at any time, and you may terminate these Promotional Terms by ceasing participation in any Promotion. We are not responsible for any loss or harm related to your inability to participate in any Promotion. The offer in this Promotion is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Credits can be revoked if you violate these Promotional Terms, the Standard Terms, or are otherwise not acting in good faith. If your subscription to the Mill services is canceled, any Credits still in your account will be immediately forfeited. If we end this Promotion less than one year from when you activated your subscription to the Mill services (or if you are a monthly subscriber, less than 90 days after you activated your subscription), and you contact us at within 30 days of when you are notified, you may either (a) cancel your Mill subscription within 30 days of contacting us and receive a prorated refund of fees paid for the unused portion of your current subscription term, or (b) receive $60.00 in Credits, less the amount of Credits you have already received through the Promotion in the preceding 365 days, towards your next subscription payment (i.e., if you’ve received $10.00 in Credits in the last year, you will receive $50 in additional Credits). Credits received through this Promotion can be applied to a subscription fee payment with other Mill promotional offers or discounts, but the total discount on a payment cannot exceed 75% of the amount owed (excluding taxes). In that case, any remaining Credits will be rolled over and applied to your next subscription payment.
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