Last Updated: March 7, 2024

Supplemental Sponsored Mill Membership Program Terms

Last Updated: April 18, 2023

These Sponsored Mill Membership Program Terms (these “Sponsored Mill Membership Terms”) supplement the  Mill Terms of Service (the “Standard Terms”) and apply to you if you: (i) access or use the Services; or (ii) purchase or use any Services,  in each case in connection with a subsidized or sponsored benefit (“Benefit”) offered by an employer, property manager, landlord, municipality or government agency, educational institution, professional association, loyalty or brand program, or other entity providing or sponsoring the Benefit on your behalf (“Sponsor”). These Sponsored Mill Membership Terms become effective on the date you first accept, redeem or receive the Benefit, including by putting down a deposit for the Services, and continue up to the date on which you cease to be eligible to receive the Benefit (the “Benefit End Date”).

Important: This arrangement includes an agreement to acquire services for a term that will automatically renew once your Benefit through your Sponsor ends. Please read the below carefully for information about what you must do if you do not wish the term to automatically renew once the Benefit through your Sponsor ends.

1. Receiving the Benefit

  1. Eligibility. The Benefit will be available to you:

  • for as long as there is an agreement in place between Sponsor and Mill under which Sponsor is providing consideration for the Benefit;
  • Provided you meet the relevant eligibility requirements for the Benefit, as determined and provided by Mill and/or Sponsor (the “Eligibility Requirements”);
  • Provided Mill and Sponsor approve your application to receive the Benefit; and
  • Subject to your acceptance of and compliance with these Sponsored Mill Membership Terms the Standard Terms, and any other terms and conditions required by Sponsor.

You understand that your request to receive the Benefit may be declined, or your participation terminated, if you do not satisfy eligibility requirements, if the information you submit in connection with the Benefit offer is not accurate, or for any other reason. Your request to receive the Benefit is voluntary and optional.

1.2 Purchase Terms. Combination of any other offer, substitution, trade-in or promotional pricing with the Benefit may be restricted in Mill’s sole discretion. Additional purchase terms and conditions may apply and will be presented to you prior to purchase.

1.3 Taxes. As between you, Sponsor, and Mill, you and Sponsor are responsible for all applicable taxes and other governmental assessments payable in connection with Benefit, including without limitation (i) all taxes payable on your income, compensation and benefits and (ii) sales, use, value-added, goods, services, excise, property, business or service, and other transactional taxes (and all interest and penalties associated with any (i) or (ii)), except for taxes assessed on Mill’s net income.

2. Allocation of Responsibility.

2.1 You. Upon redemption of the Benefit and activation of your account with Mill, you will be the holder of the Mill Membership (“Membership Holder”).

2.2 Sponsor. You acknowledge and agree that the Benefit is an offering from Sponsor (and not Mill) and that any issues arising with your eligibility for, participation in, or suspension or termination of the Benefit is solely between you and Sponsor. Unless otherwise directed by Mill, please contact your Sponsor with any questions about the specific benefits offered as part of the Benefit. Sponsor is solely responsible for any statement, documentation or other communication it makes or provides concerning the Services or the Benefit. You release and hold harmless Mill and its third-party contractors and agents from any liability, claim, demand, cause of action, damage or expense resulting from your redemption of the Benefit.

2.3 Your Data. You acknowledge that: (a) Mill may receive, and will continue to receive, certain information from your Sponsor, such as your name and status with respect to your Sponsor, which is necessary to confirm your eligibility for the Benefit, and may collect other relevant information about you, such as the frequency and price of your waste hauling services and the size of your waste bin, as part of the Eligibility Requirements, and (b) Mill may collect, use, disclose, process, and share information regarding your use of the Services and your Mill Membership with your Sponsor in accordance with our Privacy Policy and as needed to offer, evaluate, enable, manage your participation in, provide support for, and improve the Benefit and/or Services. Mill may share with your Sponsor information such as your name, email address, service address, activation date, Mill account status, device and mobile app usage and technical data, estimated amount of food diverted and estimated carbon emissions reduction, frequency and size of Food Grounds shipments, survey data, and details related to your program eligibility, enrollment and participation, including any decision you may make to opt out of the program or to delete your Mill account. These disclosures may be a requirement to receive the Benefit, and any decision you may make to opt out of such disclosures or to delete your Mill account may result in the termination of the Benefit.

3. Payments

3.1 Membership Fees. If, as part of the Benefit, your Sponsor has agreed to pay Mill part or all of the monthly or annual fee (as applicable) for your Mill Membership, you will only be required to pay the remainder of such fee (if any) for so long as you are receiving the Benefit and continue to meet the Eligibility Requirements.

3.2 Suspension. If any fee associated with your Mill Membership or the Benefit is not paid when due by you or your Sponsor, Mill will have the right to terminate or suspend your access to and use of the Services as part of the Benefit until all such fees are paid. In addition, Mill may terminate or suspend your access to and use of the Services as part of the Benefit if Mill terminates or suspends your account pursuant to the Standard Terms.

3.3 Payment Information. Mill may retain the details of any payment method it has on file for you (the “Payment Information”) for the purposes of continuing your access to your Mill Membership should you become ineligible for the Benefit at a later date. You may update the Payment Information at any time in your Account Settings. Mill may require you provide a valid personal payment method (rather than a corporate credit card) acceptable to Mill in order to activate a Mill Membership or receive the Benefit.

4. Post-Benefit Membership Transition.

4.1 End of Benefit. If you become ineligible to receive the Benefit, Mill will notify the email account associated with your Mill Membership.

4.2 Automatic Renewal. Provided that you do not cancel your Membership in accordance with the Standard Terms before the Benefit End Date, on the Benefit End Date your Benefit will terminate and you will be fully responsible for payment of the full annual or monthly Mill Membership fees in effect at the time in accordance with the Standard Terms. You hereby agree to provide Mill with a valid payment method and authorize Mill to automatically process payment for the Mill Membership using your payment information on file for the next billing cycle immediately after the Benefit End Date. If you no longer wish to receive the Services, you may cancel your Membership, in accordance with the Standard Terms, at any time in your account settings, or by contacting, and returning your Bin.

4.3 Continued Use. Any ongoing Services shall continue to be subject to Mill’s Standard Terms.

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